How to Pack the iMac

By Nicole Vulcan

Updated September 15, 2017

Packing your iMac is best done with packaging fit for your computer.
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While it can be handy to have the bigger screens and larger hard drives that come with the iMac line, the downside is that unlike their laptop cousins, these Macs are unwieldy to move any farther than room-to-room. If you have to move one outside your home or office, take some precautions to make sure your iMac makes it to and fro -- and stays in one piece.

Save the box your iMac came in. Never -- ever -- throw away the boxes that came with your computer, printer and other electronics that may make it easier to move later. If you've saved the box your iMac came in, you've done yourself a huge favor; if not, you'll have to resort to additional steps to pack it properly.

Order a replacement box online. While there have been some changes over the years, most recent iMacs of similar sizes have a similar body, making it easier to find a box that will fit your computer. Perform an online search for "iMac packaging," and you'll find boxes available for less than $30, as of 2011. Be sure the box comes with the polystyrene inserts inside.

Pull the top two polystyrene inserts from the iMac box. Slide the iMac into the box, bottom down, and place the top two polystyrene inserts over the top.

Wrap your keyboard and mouse in bubble wrap and place it in the gaps between the polystyrene and the box.

Close the two tops of the box with the handle sticking out on top.


Even packed properly, take care while moving the box. Do not allow it to bounce up and down or side to side more than is necessary.