How to Center Paragraphs on Facebook

By David Weedmark

Updated September 28, 2017

To center the text in a paragraph on a Facebook page using the Static Facebook Markup Language (FBML) app, you can use the HTML code “

." Facebook's Static FBML is only available on professional pages, also known as fan pages. Although you may have been able to use HTML code on Facebook Notes or on a personal profile at the time of publication, centering paragraphs is not supported except when using the Static FBML app.

Add FBML to Your Page

Log into Facebook in a Web browser and go to your fan page. Click the “Edit Page” button. Click “Apps” on the left side to show the apps you currently have installed and to find additional apps. Click “Browse More Applications” at the bottom of the page.

Type “Static FBML” in the text field on the left of the page where it says “Search Apps.” Press “Enter.”

Click “Static FBML by Facebook.” Click “Add to My Page.” A dialog box opens. Click “Add to Page.” Close the dialog box to return to your list of apps. Static FBML will now be added to the list.

Click “Edit Settings” beneath the Static FBML app. A dialog box opens. Click “Profile.” Click “Add” beside the Tab option to add a new tab to your Facebook page. Close the dialog box.

Click “Go to App” under the Static FBML entry in the list of apps. Type a name for the new tab.

Center a Paragraph in an FBML Tab

Enter any text you want in the Static FBML tab you created in Section 1.

Type “


,” replacing “TEXT” with the content of your paragraph to make a paragraph of centered text.

Resume normal formatted paragraphs by framing the words between “

” and “

.” Use any other basic HTML tags to format your text as desired, including bold () and () italic tags .