How to Get to Silithus From Orgrimmar in "WoW"

By Racheal Ambrose

Updated September 22, 2017

"World of Warcraft" players from levels in the mid-50s through 60 can complete quests in Silithus. Horde players coming from their city of Orgrimmar must travel to the zone to complete the quest. Players also find early level archeology digs in Silithus. The method used to reach the zone depends on the level. Players level 60 and higher can use a flying mount. Other players need to use a ground mount. Any player under level 52 should avoid traveling to this zone without a higher-level player’s protection.

Take the elevator in Orgrimmar to the flightmaster. Click on the flightmaster. Select the flightpoint closest to Silithus. If you do not have one, leave the flightmaster and run up the zepplin tower to Thunder Bluff. Take the zepplin to Thunder Bluff.

Use your ground mount and run to Desolace and then Feralas. Run through Feralas to Silithus.

Use a flying mount level 60 or higher. Fly from Orgrimmar to the Barrens, and then through the lower part of Mulgore. Turn into Feralas, and then arrive in Silithus.