How to Beep the Horn in "Grand Theft Auto IV"

By James Holloway

Updated September 22, 2017

Ground vehicles in "Grand Theft Auto IV" can make a wide range of different sounds, ranging from the bells of an ice cream truck to a police car's siren. All of these are controlled using the horn command.

Sounding the Horn on Consoles

When playing on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, sound the horn by pressing down on the left stick. If you're driving a vehicle with a siren, such as a fire engine or police car, activate the siren by tapping the stick. Hold the stick down to sound a normal horn.

Sounding the Horn on the PC

In the PC version of GTA IV, the horn command is the "G" key. If you're driving an emergency vehicle, tap the key to activate sirens or hold it down to honk the horn.

Uses of the Horn

The horn plays several roles in game. In missions where you need to attract passengers, the horn can summon them to your vehicle. If you're trying to follow a target without being seen, avoid using your horn as it may attract attention. In general, though, honking your horn merely alerts pedestrians to your presence. They may react by moving out of the way or expressing anger.