"GTA IV" Cheats for Super Punch

By K.C. Moore

Updated September 22, 2017

The cheat codes in "Grand Theft Auto IV" give players a leg up against their computer-controlled foes by providing them with everything from weapons to health. In the expansion pack "Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony," players have the option to unlock a super punch cheat which gives their punches the power of a small explosion.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

"The Ballad of Gay Tony" is a downloadable expansion pack for "Grand Theft Auto IV" that adds new game content including nine new cheat codes. The Super Punch cheat is exclusive to this expansion pack and will not work in the original game or the other expansion packs. This is due to the fact that you play as Luis, the bodyguard of Gay Tony and the Super Punch cheat is only linked to Luis. "The Ballad of Gay Tony" can also be found in the "Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City " game bundle, but again the Super Punch will only work for Luis.

Activating Super Punch

To activate cheat codes like the Super Punch, first bring up Luis' cell phone at any point during the game. Dial the number 276-555-2666 to turn on the Super Punch cheat. If dialed correctly you will receive a confirmation that the cheat code is active. To turn off the cheat code, bring up your cell phone and dial the number again.

Using Super Punch

Once the Super Punch cheat is active, scroll through your weapons until you are unarmed. The icon for Super Punch is the same as your normal punch, however the effects are completely different. When you punch a foe using Super Punch, you cause a small explosion that is akin to a grenade or missile. The Super Punch is powerful enough to destroy cars with a single hit and will always cause fatal damage when used against foes.

Downsids to Super Punch

Although the Super Punch is a devastating weapon, there are downsides to using this cheat code. Using cheat codes will turn off your ability to earn achievements, although you will still be allowed to complete missions. The Super Punch itself is also dangerous to use as the explosion it creates causes fires to spread and cars to blow up, both of which can harm or even kill Luis. Since the weapon always kills foes, you will also quickly gain police exposure if you get into a fistfight on the street.