How to Get Into the Underbelly in Dalaran

By James Price

Updated September 22, 2017

The Underbelly is the sewer portion of Dalaran. It contains its own separate map, so it is not shown as a portion of Dalaran on the map. Getting into the Underbelly of Dalaran will allow a character access to a new inn and tons of new vendors including black market reagent vendors and the location of the Dalaran Arena. Once inside the Underbelly, it is possible to exit directly to Crystalsong Forest through a drainpipe, though a flying mount is recommended to prevent death. Getting into the Underbelly is easy once inside the city.

Accessing the Underbelly via Dalaran

Travel to Dalaran. This can be done in multiple ways, such as using the Teleport to Dalaran Crystal located in the Violet Stand in Crystalsong Forest. A Mage can also make a portal to teleport users there, and Warlocks can summon a character to Dalaran, provided that they are already in Dalaran themselves.

Travel Northwest toward the Violet Citadel, but do not climb the stairs to the Citadel.

Run to the right of the staircase to the Citadel. Look for the entrance to the Underbelly along the side of the Citadel's exterior. Travel through the portal to enter into the Underbelly.