Tumblr Video Upload Size Limit

By Ashley Poland

Updated September 28, 2017

When uploading video to Tumblr, you must work with a handful of limitations. The site has limits on how large a video file can be, how long it can be and which video formats are supported. You can create a video post by either uploading or embedding a video.

File Size

Video files uploaded to your Tumblr page cannot exceed 100MB. You can upload multiple video files per day, so this limitation applies to each file, not the sum of all files. How much video this entails depends on your format, your size and the quality of your video. Some AVI files can run as low as 10MB per minute, while others use over 200MB per minute.

Minute Limitations

You can only upload five minutes of video per day. You can do this in one video file or with multiple files. When you've uploaded a file of less than five minutes, you can see how many minutes you have left on the Video post page.

Uploading a Video

Click the "Video" icon your Tumblr dashboard, or go to tumblr.com/new/video. Click the "Upload a Video" tab to see how many minutes of video you have left. Click the "Choose File" button and select the video file that you want to upload. Tumblr supports videos in H.264 video and AAC audio -- most typically in MP4. You can also upload video files in thew FLV, MOV and AVI formats. Videos can take some time to process; you can view your processing videos at tumblr.com/tumblelog/username/processing.

Embedded Videos

If your video exceeds the Tumblr limits you can always upload it to an external source -- such as YouTube Vimeo or Google Videos -- and embed it into your post using the Embedded videos feature. In the Embed Video text box you can include either the full HTML code for your video, or just video URL for YouTube and related sites.