How to Fix and Restart a Netflix Movie

by John MitchellUpdated September 22, 2017
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You may occasionally experience trouble watching Netflix movies and TV episodes. It's frustrating when a movie or television show stops working in the middle of viewing, interrupting your entertainment. You can implement a few troubleshooting steps to fix the problem. Once fixed, you can resume the movie where it stopped working or start it over.

Exit the Netflix movie if possible. You will need to use the gaming system's or compatible player's remote control to go back to the main Netflix screen.

Turn off the Netflix compatible device. Give it a few moments before powering it on again.

Launch Netflix on the device or computer. Go to the movie you were previously watching. Try to play the movie again from its current location by selecting "Resume." If the movie starts, then you can restart it from the movie's title page.

Quit the movie, and then select "Play from Beginning" on the title's detail screen. The movie should begin playing from the beginning.


If the movie does not start after shutting down the device or computer, you should check or reset your network settings. An unstable Internet connection may be responsible for the faulty viewing experience.

If the problem is still not resolved after resetting the network connection, then you should report the problem directly to the company via the Netflix website. Each movie title has a "Report problem" link on its page.

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