How to Switch to First Person View in "World of Warcraft"

By Chris Miksen

Updated September 22, 2017

"World of Warcraft" places you in third-person mode by default, but you can change the view to first person. While first person mode can result in a handful of problems, including a limited range of view, it offers you the opportunity to zoom in on the action and see events unfold before your character's eyes. By default, you can use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in to first person view, although you can bind the zoom action to a key if you wish.

Start "World of Warcraft" and select your character.

Scroll up with your mouse's scroll wheel. As you do so, the camera will zoom in on your character. If you continue to scroll up, you will enter first person mode.

Scroll down with your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom back out to third person mode.


If your mouse does not have a scroll wheel, press "Esc" on your keyboard and click "Key Bindings" while in the game. Select a key to zoom in and zoom out under "Camera Functions."