How to Use a GameShark ROM With a GBA Emulator

By Dennis Blake

Updated September 22, 2017

Visual Boy Advance is a Game Boy Advance emulator that can make use of GameShark codes.
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GameShark is a device used to enable cheat codes for a wide variety of video games. Though most video game consoles require a physical GameShark cartridge or disk to access these codes, emulators such as Visual Boy Advance can enter the codes without the need for such a device. These programs function by loading a ROM, or an image from the original disc or cartridge, and emulating the original hardware necessary to run the game. For example, Visual Boy Advance can emulate a Game Boy Advance and run most GameShark codes.

Download and install Visual Boy Advance from its website.

Locate a list of GameShark or Action Replay cheats. You can find codes in either the official manuals or by searching online resources such as GameFAQs. Action Replay uses different codes than GameShark, but is otherwise identical. Codes from either source are interchangeable in Visual Boy Advance.

Open your ROM. Select the "Cheats" menu. Click "Cheat list."

Click "Gameshark" and add the code of your choice.