Cheats to the "Causality" Stickman Game

By Eric Michaels

Updated September 22, 2017

Kill all the stickmen in less than five minutes
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"Causality" is an online, flash-based game hosted by the website, Bored. The game allows you to interact with environments to kill all the stickmen in every level. If you let the stickmen see each other die, you have to restart the level. There are quick cheats that ensure you complete every level in the appropriate sequence.

Level 1

Push the stickman at the top left of the building off the side. Click the antenna to impale the stickman on the top right of the building. When the stickman enters the elevator, click a few times on the man in the computer room until he finishes typing. He will then exit the room and head for the elevator. As the stickman comes down the elevator again, the stickman in the computer room will fall into the elevator, causing it to fall to their deaths. Click on the halogen light above the two stickmen talking on the first floor. The light will break and kill both of them. Finally, click on the sign in the boss's office on the second floor to move it off center. The boss will get up to fix the sign, slip on the floor and kill himself on the edge of the desk.

Level 2

Click on the small cracks above the stickman sitting on the toilet. There is one crack to the left and one to the right of the ceiling. You will see the cracks get bigger. Move the brick on the bottom to the edge of the left hand side of the roof. This will cause the stickman on the roof to start walking over to fix the brick. Quickly click on the head of the stickman sitting on the toilet and watch the stickman on the roof accidentally push the brick onto the head of the stickman below it, causing the bathroom ceiling to brain the stickman on the toilet as the stickman on the roof falls onto a wooden stake. Flush the toilet to kill the stickman in the sewer with poop. Finally, click on the stickman in the hang glider to cause him to fall and kill the stickman near the park bench.

Level 3 Part 1

Click on the spotlight to place the spotlight on the stickman standing outside the left army base. This will cause him to run. As he runs, he will knock over a barrel. Then, he will run to the top of the screen. Click on the top barrel to crush him as he runs under it. An army truck will drive to the entrance of the base. You will see that the truck is blocked by a gate. Click on the lever next to the guard box to open the gate. As soon as the truck begins to move again, click the lever to put the gate back down. The truck will crash into the gate and spin toward the first barrel that was knocked over. This barrel will explode under the car and kill the stickmen in the truck.

Level 3 Part II

Two stickmen will walk into the scene from the right hand side and one will be carrying a gun. Click on the gun to misfire it. The stickman will drop the gun and start a conversation with the other stickman. Click on the wooden crates by the light tower to cause them to fall over and spread out on the ground, then click on the grenade in the stickman's hand. The stickman will throw the grenade at the crates. The crates explode and kill the stickmen.