How to Make Your Own GQ Covers

By Alex Tannin

Updated September 22, 2017

Creating your own GQ cover is a fun and simple task.
i Lucas Dawson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

GQ Magazine is a men’s magazine that has covered fashion, style and culture since its first publication in 1957. Over the years, many famous men have graced its cover, such as Lebron James, Barack Obama and Arnold Palmer. If you wish to make your own mock-up of a GQ cover with a picture of your choosing, perhaps as part of a birthday card or just as a humorous diversion, this is a relatively simple task to complete.

Load the Fake Magazine Cover website in your Internet browser.

Click the “Choose File” button on the webpage, then select the image you wish to add to your fake GQ cover on your hard drive. When you find it, click “Open.” Click the “Upload Photograph” button.

Click the “Fake Magazine Cover” button on the page that loads.

Find the GQ Magazine cover on the page that loads and click on it. A page will load with your image as part of the cover of GQ Magazine.

Click “Download Image” to save the your GQ Magazine cover to your hard drive.