How to Download a Picture From Your Camera to the Computer

By Ashley Bustamante

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • USB cable that fits your camera

  • Memory card compatible with your camera

  • Card reader

Transfer pictures to your computer to make sharing easier.
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Digital cameras have increased the ease of sharing photos by leaps and bounds. Photos can be shared minutes after they are taken. However, these photos don't do you much good while they are still on the camera. They must first be transferred to your computer or another device. Photos can be transferred from your camera to your computer using a memory card or a USB cable. Methods may vary slightly from camera to camera, but the basic concept is the same.

Using a USB Cable

Insert the appropriate ends of the USB cable into the USB ports on your camera and computer. Typically the connector for the camera will be the smaller end.

Go to "My Computer" and open the drive for the camera. If you have "Autorun" enabled, it may open on its own.

Select all the photos you want to download to the computer.

Drag the photos on to the computer into the folder of your choice.

Using a Memory Card

Remove the memory card from your camera.

Insert the memory card into the appropriate slot on your card reader.

Go to "My Computer" and open the memory card drive.

Select all the photos you want to download to your computer.

Drag the photos onto the computer.