List of VBA Cheats for "Fire Emblem"

By Dennis Blake

Updated September 22, 2017

Fire Emblem is a classic Game Boy Advance game
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Fire Emblem is a popular turn-based strategy role-playing game for the Game Boy Advance. Fire Emblem can also be played on the Visual Boy Advance, a Game Boy Advance emulator. You can enter any Gameshark or Action Replay cheat code using the VBA's built-in cheat code function. Simply open up the cheat list, click "add cheat", and add the corresponding cheat code. Remember to enter these cheats during battle.

General Cheats

One very handy global cheat is the infinite funds cheat. Simply add f666c99f4e3dd384 to the VBA cheats list to enable unlimited money. Buy as many killer weapons as you want;if your inventory gets bogged down with all of these weapons, you can use an infinite items cheat. First, equip an item of your choice on your main character. Put the item in slot 2. Enter the cheat 8FA6DEA39A2B and the item will have infinite durability.

Main Character Cheats

Your main character will always be assigned to slot 1 in every battle. Depending on which story you are in, this could be Lyn, Eliwood or Hector. To make this character into a wrecking ball, enter 840E415BC53E for infinite hit points, EFF586B9A531 for maximum strength and E7D502B9A530 for maximum skill. Your hero will be unkillable, never miss, and usually kill everything in one shot. For a more subtle boost, enter AE6E9E01BA2B to gain one level.

Character Slot 6

These cheats are designed for the character listed sixth in your deployment. You can ensure that your favorite character gets the right slot by adding and removing characters on the deployment screen until your designated character is listed sixth. Level your character up with 3BF33EA4BACA. Every time you execute the cheat, the character gains a level. Alternatively, you can simply kill anything by maxing your offensive stats; CA28461A8590 will fill out your strength or magic stat, which gives you huge damage potential, and C208C21A8591 covers skill, which gives you perfect accuracy and enhanced critical strike chance.

Control Your Enemies

You can take control of the enemy forces. First, place a mine on the ground in the path of an enemy. If you don't have a mine, use the code 9533FE687BEAFC4C to grant one to your main character. Make sure your main character's second item slot is empty before you do this. Once the mine is placed, allow the enemy to walk into it. The instant you see the fire animation appear on screen, turn off the game. Restart the game and select "resume" from the main menu. You will have full control of the enemy team.