What Do the Red Stars Mean on Netflix?

By LaDonna Hadley

Updated September 22, 2017

Netflix uses a five star system for rating and recommending movies and television shows. You rate specific movies and television shows and can also complete a taste profile to create a preference profile. When you rate movies and shows, the stars mean:

  • One Star: Hated It
  • Two Stars: Didn't Like It
  • Three Stars: Liked It
  • Four Stars: Really Liked It
  • Five Stars: Loved It

Yellow stars are displayed if you've rated a title.

i Image courtesy of Netflix

Netflix considers your ratings and preferences and uses an algorithm to recommend titles. It considers the genres and subgenres you've rated, your streaming or viewing history, the available titles and the ratings of other members with similar tastes.

In this example of a taste profile, the member indicated comedy preferences. Taking these preferences into consideration, Netflix included Stand Up titles and removed College Humor titles from the Comedy recommendations.

i Image courtesy of Netflix
i Image courtesy of Netflix

One star means the selection doesn't match your tastes, and five stars means the selection is a great match based on your identified preferences and ratings. Red stars are displayed if you haven't rated a title, showing Netflix's best guess for your rating based on its algorithm.

i Image courtesy of Netflix


To give Netflix more information and improve its recommendations, you can add your ratings by selecting stars or click Not Interested.