How to Fix the TV Set in the "Ebony Hotness" Game

By Kenneth Coppens

Updated September 22, 2017

“Ebony Hotness” is a short online dating simulator game. The game starts off at a bus stop where you meet Jennifer, the lead female character in the game, and exchange phone numbers. Jennifer eventually calls and asks for your help repairing her TV if everything goes well on the first day. A successful TV repair job is necessary in order to move to the final stage of the game.

Gather the pieces to the TV circuit board. Click the piece on the computer desk and the other by the bottom left corner of the TV in the main room. Click “Kitchen” to move to the kitchen.

Grab the circuit board piece on the left end of the kitchen counter and the other on top of the brown stand on the left side of the screen right beside the potted plant. Click “Bedroom” to go to the bedroom.

Grab a piece on the bottom shelf of the computer desk and another on top of the dresser. Click the left arrows to return to the main room. A diagram of the TV circuit board will pop up automatically, along with each piece gathered from the other rooms.

Click and drag the chip labeled “CHIP01” to the area titled “DD1” on the circuit board. Drag “CHIP02” to “DD2." Drag the gray LED to “VD1.” Drag the oval-shaped piece to “C1.” Drag the vertical cylinder-shaped piece to “R2” and drag the last piece to “R1.”

Click “Next” to move to the next stage of the game.


“Ebony Hotness” is for adults only due to the content of the game.