How to Evolve Aron in "Pokemon"

By Diana Zwinak

Updated September 22, 2017

Aron is a Pokemon that first appeared in "Pokemon Ruby," "Pokemon Sapphire" and "Pokemon Emerald." Aron is a steel and rock type Pokemon found in several locations during the course of the game. Although Aron appears weak at first, his evolutions create much stronger abilities than the base Pokemon, making him a valuable asset to the party in the long term.

Obtain an Aron

Catch Aron at one of two locations, regardless of game version. In "Ruby," "Emerald" or "Sapphire," Aron resides at the Granite Cave on Floor One South. Alternatively, the Pokemon calls the first floor of Victory Road home.

Select the Bag from the battle menu once Aron has been encountered. Navigate to the "Balls" section of the bag, and select either a "Great Ball" or an "Ultra Ball," depending on the level of the Aron that you encounter. If it is a higher level, use an "Ultra Ball" if you have it. No matter what, each of these balls has a higher chance of being successful in catching Aron than a standard Pokeball.

Press A to use the "Great Ball" or "Ultra Ball" after it has been selected. When A is pressed, the player will throw the ball at the opposing Aron, and the Pokemon will be enclosed within the ball. While Aron is inside of the ball, tap A and B repeatedly in order to increase your chances of capturing the Pokemon. If the ball makes a "click" and darkens in color, you have successfully captured the Aron.

Return to a Pokemon Center and move Aron into your party if you did not have any free spaces at the time that he was captured. Once Aron is in your party, check what attacks it possesses, and if it would be of any use to your current party.

Evolve Aron By Battling

Locate Pokemon who are the same level as your new Aron in order to battle. Aron is most effective against "normal" type Pokemon like Chancey, found in tall grassy outdoor areas on the map.

Walk into the tall grass. If you walk into tall grass where a wild Pokemon resides, the picture on your screen will shimmer as you are about to be attacked, and you will find yourself in a battle with a random Pokemon that is in that area.

Select your moves from the "Battle Screen" using the move that seems most effective against the Pokemon you are facing. For example, if fighting a Normal Type Pokemon, use the attack "Iron Tail" which causes massive damage to the opposing Normal Type Pokemon. If Aron has encountered a Fire Type Pokemon and has been taught the attack "Water Pulse," then use for a neutralizing effect.


Evolve Aron Through Other Methods

Beat the trainers known as the Elite Four by fighting their Pokemon before you attempt this method. Beating the Elite Four is accomplished through the use of powerful, high level Pokemon.

Assemble a party of five Pokemon capable of defeating the Elite Four a second time. Remember that while each trainer has a specific set of Pokemon, no single Pokemon will be effective against all of them.

Acquire an “Experience Share” to give to Aron. You can receive this from Mr. Stone on the top floor of the Devon Co. Building.

Give Aron the “Experience Share” to hold while you battle Elite Four trainers. It will receive massive gains in experience points from each battle that is completed.

Allow Aron to evolve. Once it has gained enough experience to bring it to level 36, it will evolve into Lairon and then at level 46, it will evolve to Aggron. This will complete the evolution cycle of Aron.


Set goals for how you plan to use Aron in your party. Aron evolves at level 32 into Lairon, and again at Level 42 into Aggron. Both of these evolutions are far more powerful than the standard Aron, yet with each evolution Aron will become gradually more powerful but slower in battle.

Use Aron in battles to gain experience from the battles that you win. It will evolve on its own at level 32 and 42. This is the most straightforward method to see Aron evolve