How to Have a Funeral on "The Sims 3"

By Alex Ramirez

Updated September 22, 2017

Sims can have a funeral party in
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"The Sims 3" is a simulation game for the PC and multiple consoles that allows you to live and control the lives of multiple avatars called Sims. Your Sims will age as you play, going through life's many stages and will eventually die. This is a somber experience for the Sims they are leaving behind, but the Sim's surviving family members can throw a funeral party to commemorate the life of the Sim that was recently lost.

Put a recently deceased Sim's urn or tombstone in another Sim's inventory. When a Sim dies, one of these two objects is always placed in another Sim's inventory, typically the Sim who is the oldest in the household.

Click on any telephone in your Sim's home. A list of options will appear.

Click "Party..." and then "Funeral Party." A window will appear with a list of guests.

Double-click the names of any Sims you would like to invite and press the check mark at the bottom right of the screen. People will then begin showing up for your recently deceased Sim's funeral.