Cheats for Infinite Money for "Pokemon FireRed" on GBA

By Daniel Valladares

Updated September 22, 2017

"Pokemon FireRed" is a part of the third-generation of Pokemon games released for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Unlike most games, "Pokemon FireRed" does not have traditional codes that can be entered in the game. To utilize codes, such as one for infinite money, you will need to use an Action Replay device.

Using the Action Replay

The Action Replay device plugs directly into the cartridge slot at the top of your Game Boy Advance. Once the Action Replay is secured, you can insert any GBA game you wish into the Action Replay's cartridge slot. To load the Action Replay, you simply need to turn the GBA system on by switching the power button to the "ON" position. Once the system is on and the Game Boy Advance logo flashes onto the screen, you can begin selecting and inputting codes.

Infinite Money

At the code input screen that appears when you load the Action Replay, enter the code "29C78059 96542194" and press start. Begin the game normally and select your save file. Go to any store and purchase any item. No matter what you purchase, the amount of money you have does not drop. The only drawback to this code is that, although you will never run out of money, you can purchase only items that you have enough money for.

Infinite Rare Candies

Enter the code "77DB5497 D7EE8C96" at the code screen of the Action Replay. Start the game normally again and go into any store. Select "Sell" and select the "Rare Candy" item from your bag. No matter how many you sell, you will not lose any of the "Rare Candy" items. This code allows you to have infinite "Rare Candy" items, which you can then sell to increase the amount of money you have.

Gain Money Without Cheats

By equipping the "Amulet Coin" to the first Pokemon in your party, the money you receive after a battle will be doubled. This can be useful if you have a high-level Pokemon that can defeat the Elite Four by itself. Equip the "Amulet Coin" and defeat the Elite Four over and over to receive as much money as you want. The "Amulet Coin" can be found on Route 16.


Using an Action Replay device can potentially harm your save file. In addition, the official Nintendo-sponsored Pokemon tournaments have banned any use of an Action Replay, and you will not be allowed to battle if it is determined that you have used an Action Replay to alter your game file.