Cheats for "Furry Paws"

By Casey Fatzinger

Updated September 22, 2017

In Furry Paws you can purchase puppies from other player so it is important to be friendly.
i Apple Tree House/Lifesize/Getty Images

Furry Paws is like Neopets in that the object of the game is to raise your pet, in this case breeding and training your own dogs to compete with those of other players. It can take a lot of time and game play to advance your dogs' levels. No actual cheats exist for Furry Paws, but you can use a few tricks to get you going a bit faster.


The two main ways to get game money in Furry Paws are by getting a job or by breeding and selling puppies. A faster way is to create multiple accounts on Furry Paws. Purchase some of the cheaper dogs and level them up. Go to the user shops and find three sets of tomb pieces. Keep your dogs happy and run them through tombs every day. You will have a better chance of finding a rare item that is worth millions.


The game does not require to feed your dogs. However, feeding can increase your dogs' stats. The more expensive the food you buy from the market the more your stats will rise.


The trick for training is finding each dog's three strongest stats. Open one window showing your dog and one window showing Competition Information so you can easily compare. Your dog has to have three stats that are higher than 15. If your dog doesn't, do not train it yet because you only get to retrain your dog once. Train the dog only in its strongest areas.


Toys are used in the game to make your dog happy. When you enter your dog in a competition its happiness will determine the score. The toys have a finite number of uses so use the toy only until the green happiness bar is full. Then stop so that you do not waste the toy. The tennis ball is one of the cheapest and has 50 uses.

Training Area

Once you have a kennel size of five you can start your own training area. If you work your dogs in the training area you can increase your stats by two.