How to Raise Your Sex Appeal on "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" for the PS2

By Timothy Baron

Updated September 22, 2017

"San Andreas" is a part of the "Grand Theft Auto" series, challenging players to pick up a gun or baseball bat and slug their way through hundreds of enemies. In their down time, they can also date from a selection of six girlfriends. Each girlfriend has her own tastes and preferences, but with enough Sex Appeal, it doesn't matter how buff or far the player's character is. Players can increase their character's sex appeal by wearing expensive clothes, getting a nice haircut and adorning their bodies with tattoos.

Go to Didier Sachs, which is in Rodeo, Los Santos.

Purchase a tuxedo or a tweed, red, yellow or blue jacket. Of the shirts, these have the highest sex appeal in the game. Note that the green jacket and letterman top are not as appealing. These add 25 points to your sex appeal.

Buy any pair of pants except for the green pants, adding another 10 points to your sex appeal. Also purchase a pair of shoes, a chain, a watch and a pair of shades, all together adding another 12 points to your appeal. Do not buy your hat here.

Travel to the clothing store Victim in San Fierro, Downtown. Purchase a red or black beret, the sexiest hats in the game at three sex appeal points.

Go to Gay Gordo's and get a Groove Cut. This adds 30 points to your sex appeal.

Visit the tattoo parlor located in Idlewood. Get the Grave, Gun, Africa, Cross 3, Westside, Bullet, Los Santos, Grove and Angel tattoos, netting you another 22 sex appeal points. In total, you now have 92 points, enough to woo any girlfriend.


You can cheat to increase your sex appeal even faster. When you remove an article of clothing, you do not lose sex appeal. You'll get more sex appeal by putting it back on, though. By repeatedly taking your shirt on and off, you can max out your sex appeal in the first thirty minutes of the game.


You can also increase you sex appeal by driving a sports or luxury car, but this approach is finicky. If you get too far away from the car, your sex appeal will suddenly drop. Also, if the car gets banged up during the date, you'll lose points for that, too. The most reliable way to get sex appeal is by wearing the right clothes, having an expensive haircut and adorning your body with tattoos.