How to Make "Minecraft" Full Screen

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

Switching to full-screen mode in "Minecraft" can give you a better view of the map you're building -- or the Zombie preparing to snack on your face. Switching to fullscreen mode can also keep the focus on your game instead of the other apps on your computer. You can switch to fullscreen mode at any time during play via the options menu.

Load the game and connect to a map, then press the "Esc" key. This will load the options menu, where you can adjust other options like game difficulty and what visual effects are in use.

Select "Video settings." This menu contains all of the video and graphics settings, including framerate, render distance and lighting options.

Select "Fullscreen" and make sure it's set to "ON." This will enable full-screen mode, which may cause your screen to briefly turn black as the window is expanded. Select "Done" when the screen returns to finalize your options changes.


You can also switch between full-screen and windowed modes at any time by pressing the "F11" key. Toggling between the two modes can be handy if you need to frequently manage other apps, like a Web browser, media player or instant messenger.

While in full screen, you can also use the keyboard shortcut "Alt-Tab" to switch to windowed mode and minimize "Minecraft." When you open the window again, you may have to reset full screen, using either the video settings menu or the "F11" key shortcut.


Switching between full-screen and windowed modes too frequently can slow down your game. Switch only when you must, to conserve your computer's RAM and CPU resources and prevent a game crash.