How to Play Emulators on the DSi

by Victoria MartinUpdated September 22, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Nintendo DSi compatible flash card (R4i, TTDSi, Acekard)

  • SNEmulDS software (include snemul.cfg)

  • Game roms

The Nintendo DSi is a highly versatile gaming machine. It has a touch screen, Wi-Fi capability and an extensive title library, which makes it a welcome addition to any gamer's console shelf. Gamers can even revisit older titles from classic systems such as the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Game Boy Advance. Using a third-party flash card with DSi compatibility, a gamer can use programs to act as one of these consoles, thus "emulating" the older console and allowing them to play these classic titles. This article will outline how to emulate the Super Nintendo system.

Prepare your DSi flash card for emulation

Download the appropriate SNEmulDS software for your card. A link is provided below in the References section of this article. Be sure to download snemlu.cfg as well.

Make an SNES directory for your roms in the root of your card.

Place the SNEmulDS.nds file into the SNES directory you just created.

Put the snemul.cfg file into the root of your card.

Copy the game ROM you want to play into the SNES directory.

Insert the flash card into your DSi, and enjoy playing these classic games.


Your flash card can hold many games. Be sure to load it full for long trips away from home.

Some games will not work properly at first. Experiment with emulator settings for optimal performance.


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