How to Catch Heracross in "Emerald" for GBA

By Philip Sim

Updated September 22, 2017

In the Nintendo Game Boy Advance video-game "Pokemon Emerald," Heracross is a rare dual Bug/Fighting-type Pokemon, which can only be found in the northern area of the Safari Zone. To access this area, you need to use the Acro Bike, a special kind of bicycle capable of performing stunts. You can use the Acro Bike to ride on white railings, which lead up to the northern area of the Safari Zone. There you can search the long grass for Heracross. However, there is only a 5 percent chance of encountering Heracross.

Go to Mauville City in the center of the Hoenn region and visit Rydel's Cycles shop. Get the Acro Bike if you don't already have it.

Head to Route 121 in the north-east of Hoenn and enter the Safari Zone.

Ride the Acro Bike on the white rails up to the northern area of the Safari Zone.

Get off the bike and walk into a patch of long grass. You will encounter wild Pokemon — there is a 5 percent chance of this being a Heracross, so you will need to be persistent.

Battle Heracross if you encounter this Pokemon. It is weak against Fire and Psychic-type attacks, and very weak against Flying-types. Wear down its Hit Points until its health bar is in the red, and use a Poke Ball to catch it.


You don't have to fight every Pokemon you encounter in the long grass while searching for Heracross — you can run away from battles to save time and effort.