"Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force" Test Cheats

By Michael Hines

Updated September 22, 2017

In the first stage of "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force," you are given three tests. The tests quiz you on game terms and card features. Three tests are given out in total, each with an accompanying duel. The test questions are difficult, and while you can't cheat on the questions in-game, there is no penalty for reading the answers online.

Purpose of Tests

The tests in "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force" are given for a few reasons. One is to test your knowledge of some of the game's many cards and terms. Having a working knowledge of most of the game's cards is key to constructing decks and defeating other duelists. Another reason behind the tests is to enhance the game. In the game, you are a student at the Duel Academy, and in any academy there are usually tests. The fact that these tests don't count for or against you seems to suggest this.

Test Number One

Test number one takes place on Wednesday, May 17th. The answers to the test's questions are in quotes. Taking cards from a deck is called a "draw." A "continuous spell" remains on the field after activation. Fighting a duelist three times to get a winner is called a "match." The highest level a monster card can have is "12" and the answer to the limited card question is "one per limited card." The duelist you must fight after this test is named Gillian and he uses the Essentials Basic deck.

Test Number Two

Test number two takes place on Thursday, June sixth. The answer to the sand gambler question is "three times." The card effect "Ultimate Offering" will not be a special summon. When you use the Sword of Revealing Light you may no longer "declare an attack." There is "no limit" to the amount of equip cards a monster can have and the idol of the Duel Academy is "Alexis Rhodes." Your opponent at the end of this test is Sigthor who uses the Third Dragon deck.

Test Number 3

Test number three is taken on Thursday, July sixth. The "Wing Eagle" is not a spirit monster. The letter "A" is in the Destiny Board message. "Lekunga" is a water-attribute monster. "Blue" is not in the Ojama Trio and there are "three" Harpie Lady Sisters. Your opponent for this test is Aite, who uses the Halloween Corpse deck.