How to Get a Permit Signed on "Avenue Flo"

By Kristen May

Updated September 22, 2017

The "Avenue Flo" computer game gives you a series of tasks that you need to complete as you explore DinerTown. Toward the end of the game, when you come out of the subway, a construction worker named Hal tells you that you need a resident access permit to get into the Bistro Bay neighborhood. You need to complete a long series of tasks to obtain the permit and get it signed in Big Corp Tower.

Go into the Big Corp Tower building and click on the receptionist sitting at the desk.

Walk through the office area past the glass doors to the right and give the birthday card in your inventory to five different people to collect their signatures.

Give the signed card to the receptionist and place the keycard on the elevator to get to the permits office on the 13th floor.

Click on the receptionist inside the permits office. Answer the trivia questions with: Hal, Dinertown Daily Scoop, Bernie, Gravy Boat Way, Hospital Blues, Seahorse, Starfish and Crab. You will get your permit.

Go out to the lobby, talk to the woman holding coffee cups and head through the door on the right into the office area. Go through the maze until you have collected 10 blue coffee cups from the desks in the office.

Give the cups to the woman to get the keycard. Place it on the elevator, go up to the 50th floor and go into the signatures office.

Click on the receptionist, who will not respond, and then click on the pink phone on the receptionist's desk.

Move items in Flo's purse out of the way until you find the cell phone. Click on it to call the receptionist.

Set the permit on the desk, pick up the orange pen on the floor near the window and set that on the desk as well. The receptionist will sign the permit and tell you to get it stamped.

Go into the office across the lobby and walk until you find the secretary in a pink outfit. Talk to her and then walk through the maze and gather 10 pieces of paper.

Place the set of 10 pieces on the photocopy machine and take the photocopy back to the secretary. She will stamp your permit, which is now complete. When you give this back to Hal, you will be able to go on to your next task.