Cheats for "VisualBoyAdvance" 1.8.0 Beta 3 for Leaf Green

By Riley Sawyer

Updated September 22, 2017

Playing "Pokemon LeafGreen" on the VisualBoy emulator allows you to play this traditionally GameBoy-based game on the computer, as well as use GameShark cheat codes without having to buy a GameShark. You can use codes to catch rare Pokemon as well as increase their levels. You can also use codes to prevent battles and make the Safari Zone easier.

Legendary Pokemon Codes

You can enter codes to automatically obtain Legendary Pokemon instead of having to catch them in the game. First enter the master code: “0000BE99000A 1003DAE60007” using VisualBoy’s built-in GameShark. The master code enables the use of other codes. Code for Legendary Pokemon are:

Mewtwo: 83007CEE0096 Mew: 83007CEE0097 Ho-oh: 83007CEE00FA Lugia: 83007CEE00F9

Old Version Starter Pokemon

You can obtain the starter Pokemon Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander by using the codes “83007CEE0001” for Bulbasaur, “83007CEE0007” for Squirtle and “83007CEE0004” for Charmander.

Battle Codes

Use the code “A83F9AD9A2F7” to prevent any random battles. This is like a permanent repellant item. Use “A67B84289866 D6DB22825699” to escape from any battle.

Leveling Pokemon

For 5000 immediate experience points, use the code “FEBB0A6A8203 087B9AD720EE.” To obtain Rare Candies, which grant one level each, use “820258400044.”

Safari Zone Codes

To prevent your time in the Safari Zone from ever running out, enter “663F08E44889.” This is best used with the code for infinite Safari Balls, “4B294D4AE337.” You can also use “660032045925 E2308E556465” to make Safari Zone Pokemon easier to catch.