How to Kill the Harpy in 'Final Fantasy V'

By Joshua Solomon

Updated September 22, 2017

“Final Fantasy V” is a role-playing video game originally developed by Square (now Square Enix) for the Super Famicom. The game was not released outside of Japan for many years, forcing RPG enthusiasts to play unofficially translated versions of the game until its eventual release for the PlayStation and Gameboy Advance consoles. In all versions, players will encounter a seemingly unbeatable monster in the basement of Walz Castle and again in Castle X-Death. The foe's name varies in each version: “Harpy” (PlayStation), “Garkimasra” (unofficial translation) or “Jackanapes” (GBA). Fortunately, players can utilize a single strategy to kill this creature in every release of “FFV.”

Flee from the Harpy in early encounters. The Harpy will destroy your party during the Walz Castle encounters. Escape from battle immediately and do not return until you're equipped to penetrate this enemy's armor.

Obtain the Berserker job class by defeating Garula in Walz Tower. The Walz Tower is west of Walz Castle. Ascend to the top of the tower and battle the odd elephant-like Garula to obtain the Berserker job class and add immense power to your party's attacks -- essential for cracking the Harpy's high defense.

Turn your characters into Berserkers. Pause the game and enter the status menu. Select the top option, “Job,” and select any character.

Select the Berserker class and leave the menu. Repeat this process for two additional characters. You may consider excluding any character who acts as a healer to patch your party up between Harpy battles.

Equip your team with axes. The Berserker is one of three job classes that allow characters to use axes, which pierce through high defense. Fortunately, the Town of Walz stocks this sort of weapon for Harpy-killing occasions. Purchase as many implements as you need, equip them to each character in the status menu, and march down to the Walz Castle basement to face the Harpy.

Slay the Harpy. Wander around the basement until a random encounter with the monster occurs. Berserker characters act without player input and will automatically dish out high damage to the once impervious Harpy, slaying it in short order.

Repeat the same strategy any time you encounter this enemy. The Harpy also appears in Castle X-Death. Choose the Berserker class and arm your characters with axes to defeat this monster again.