How to Make a Mod Folder

By Alex Ramirez

Updated September 22, 2017

Mods are a common staple among many popular PC games, and many developers even include modding tools with their games. The mods usually make slight or sometimes drastic changes to the game's elements, including everything from aesthetic value to severe gameplay changes. Some developers will create an official mod for their title, but many of the mods for games are created by owners of the game free-of-charge. To play many of the mods, you will have to manually put them into a Mod folder, which, by default, is not already in many of the games' directories.

Open the game's directory. The directory is located wherever you installed the game, which, by default, is typically in the Program Files folder of your hard drive.

Right-click in the folder. A small list of options will appear.

Click on "Create new folder." A folder will appear ready to be named.

Type "Mods" and press the "Enter" key. All mods and their contents can be copied and pasted into this folder. If the game supports mods, it will automatically detect and know how to organize the information in the folder.


Some mods require the Mod folder to be placed in a specific location, so always view the Read Me file that comes with every mod, as it will tell you the exact location to make the folder, if necessary.