"GTA IV" Zombie Cheats

By Taylor Thorn

Updated September 22, 2017

Zombies exist throughout Liberty City.
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Grand Theft Auto IV, often referred to simply as GTA IV, is a popular title in a long series of Grand Theft Auto video games. In it, you play the character of Niko Bellic, a former soldier from Eastern Europe, as he deals with the criminal underworld of Liberty City, which is modeled after New York. The game also features an online multiplayer mode, and this is where players can encounter, or even become, zombies.

Origins of Zombies

The origins of zombies in GTA IV are not from a cheat code, but rather from content specific to the online multiplayer feature of the game. It came about from a weekend event on Xbox Live which allowed gamers to play the developers of GTA IV. Whenever a player was able to kill one of the game developer's characters, he received the "Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie" achievement. This also turned the gamer into a zombie. Later, the same incident's happened in the PlayStation 3 version of the game after an event allowing gamers to play the game developers.

Marks of a Zombie

The easiest way to determine if a player is a zombie is to see if they have a specific achievement if playing on Xbox, or trophy if playing on a PlayStation 3. The name of the achievement or trophy is "Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie". Another mark of a zombie is a distinct appearance. In the game, zombies can have yellowish rotting flesh while wearing yellow briefs. However, it is possible for a player to be a zombie while still maintaining a normal appearance.

Becoming a Zombie

Becoming a zombie involves killing a player infected with the zombie illness. As the initial players were infected by killing the game developer's characters, the infection is spread by killing an infected player. If you have killed a zombie, the achievement or trophy " Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie" will be announced on your screen. This means your are now a zombie. You can now make your character look like a zombie if you wish.

Infecting Others

Infecting others is very simple. You must allow yourself to be killed by the player you wish to infect. Likewise, if you merely play the GTA IV multiplayer mode as usual you will infect any player that kills your character, whether you intended them to or not. This way the infection constantly spreads at a rapid rate through the online world of GTA IV.