How do I Change the Bus Simulator to English?

By James Andrews

Updated September 22, 2017

A special file be downloaded to fix
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Produced by German software developer Aerosoft GmbH, "City Bus Simulator" is a video game that casts you behind the wheel of a New York City bus and transports passengers around the Big Apple. Following reports in 2009 that some users were finding German rather than English text in some parts of the game, Aerosoft released a special file that can be downloaded for free and solves this language issue.

Go online to the official website of "City Bus Simulator" and click on the download option in the upper navigation bar just below the image of a bus.

Scroll down to the information posted on the site dated 10/29/2009 and entitled "Hotfix for version 1.3. English." Read the text explaining the language issues that the program will solve.

Install the hotfix by double clicking on the "CBS_Hotfix_for_Version_1_3_english.exe" link in yellow font. When prompted as to the game's destination folder on your PC's hard drive, choose the default option. Select the "City Bus Simulator 2010" directory by clicking OK.

Complete the hotfix installation process by selecting "all" when prompted. The game should now be completely in English. Play the game as normal to check whether the hotfix has worked. If not, download the file again.