How Do I Download Movies on iTunes Faster?

By Anne Hirsh

Updated September 28, 2017

Your movies will download faster over a wired Ethernet connection.
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Any Internet download depends on your Internet connection speed, but you have several ways to improve your iTunes movie downloads that can also improve your computer's downloading performance in general. Within iTunes itself, you can also disable the simultaneous download option if it is enabled. This lets your connection focus on downloading one movie at a time so that it completes more quickly, and then you can watch it as your next movie downloads in the background.

Close any programs on your computer that are using the Internet, except for iTunes. Clearing up your connection before you start your download will free up more bandwidth for your download.

Close any programs that use a large portion of your system's resources. Software such as antivirus programs don't take up much processing power if they are in the background, but if one of these programs starts an active scan, everything on your computer can slow down. You should not turn off your antivirus software; just pause any current scans, or choose to download your movies after a scan is complete.

Ask any other people using the same network if they can refrain from downloading anything or using high-bandwidth Web sites until your download is complete. This also reduces competition on your connection.

Plug your computer into your modem or router with an Ethernet cable, if possible. Wired connections are faster than wireless, so your download times will shorten.

Start iTunes, and sign in to your account to download your existing purchases or to purchase new items to download. When the downloads begin, click the "Download" item in the left menu.

Check the bottom-left corner of the screen. If the check box that says "Allow simultaneous downloads" is selected, clear the check box. This stops the computer from trying to download multiple items at once, allowing each individual item to download faster. You might need to manually select the movie you want to download first by pausing any other downloads.

Use your computer only minimally during the download. Programs that use few system resources will not interfere, but constantly switching processes and starting new programs can slow down your system.


If you still experience slow download times, consider upgrading your Internet service to a faster speed.

Avoid downloading movies on public networks. Home or office networks will generally provide faster download speeds.