How to Move Artboards in Illustrator CS5

by Joshua McgeeUpdated September 28, 2017
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The long-awaited multiple-page option, called "artboards," was added to Adobe Illustrator in CS4. With this option, you can work on a design that needs to be published across multiple pages while maintaining all the design elements in a single document. You can then quickly reposition the artboards, thus repositioning the order of the design, by using the artboard tool to drag the artboards or using the artboard panel that was added in Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Rearrange Using the Artboard Panel

Click the “Window” menu, and select “Artboards” to open the artboards panel.

Click the artboard panel fly-out menu, and select “Rearrange Artboards.”

Click the “Layout” icon that describes the way you want to position your artbaords. You can specify whether the artboards are in a grid that goes from left to right or top to bottom or whether they are spread across the screen horizontally or vertically.

Enter the desired number of columns in the “Column” box and the desired spacing between artboards in the “Spacing” box.

Click on the check box next to “Move Artwork with Artboard” to activate or deactivate whether the artwork is rearranged with the artboards.

Click “OK.” Illustrator will rearrange the columns according to the chosen settings.

Move Artboards Using the Artboard Tool

Click on the “Artboard” tool.

Select the artboard that you want to move.

Drag the selected artboard to the desired location.


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