How to Install the Game Launcher on "Sims 3"

by Seth AmeryUpdated September 22, 2017

For the first time in the series, Electronic Arts and Maxis developed a central hub for "The Sims 3" in the form of a game launcher. As its name suggests, you can launch the game from this hub and perform additional actions. For example, you can download or upload custom content from and to the "Sims 3" community website. To install the game launcher, install the game onto your computer as normal.

Insert the "Sims 3" installation disc into your computer. A dialog box appears after the computer recognizes the inserted disc, prompting you for your next action.

Click "Run." Wait as another dialog box appears.

Click "Next," leading you to the end-user license agreement.

Read through the end-user license agreement. Click "Agree" if you agree to all of the terms listed inside this document.

Type in your serial number. This is on the back cover of your instructional manual, located inside of your "Sims 3" game case. Click "Next" twice, followed by "Install." Wait for installation to complete, which includes installing your game launcher.


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