How to Take a Photo of Myself & Make It a Sim Face

By K.C. Moore

Updated September 22, 2017

"The Sims 3" allows players to create and control a virtual avatar called a Sim and customize everything about it, from its personality to what it looks like. While some Sims players opt to create original characters, others prefer to play with a Sim that looks like themselves. The customization tools in "The Sims 3" allow you to choose every tiny detail of your Sim's appearance, from the thickness of his eyebrows to the size of his ears, so you can create the most realistic-looking version of yourself as a Sim.

Start a new game from the main menu of "The Sims 3" and enter Create-a-Sim mode.

Select the basic traits of your Sim, such as the name, gender, skin tone, body type and age bracket, so that it matches your own.

Click the Hair icon to change your Sim's hairstyle. Select the hairstyle from the menu that best matches your own. Select the coloring tools from the Hair menu to change the color settings of your Sim's hair so that they resemble your own.

Click the Head icon to customize your Sim's face. Look at your photograph and select the preset eyes, nose, mouth, ears and head shape that best fit your own. Change the eye color of your Sim to your own eye color.

Alter the look of your Sim's face to match the look of your own face from the picture. Each part of the face has a series of advanced settings that allow you to better customize the shape and size of your Sim's facial parts and move their location on your Sim's face. Refer to your photo constantly to ensure your alterations match your own facial structure.

Add additional details such as glasses, piercings and facial hair, if applicable, by clicking the Accessories and Hair icons, respectively.

Choose from the game's selection of outfits, voices and personality traits to further customize your Sim to better resemble yourself.

Click on the Save icon to finish your Sim and move him into your town.


You can alter your Sim's hairstyle at any time while playing the game by clicking on a mirror if you change your own hairstyle and want your Sim to reflect this.