The Uses of Shiny Obsidian in "Neopets"

By Anna Roberts

Updated September 22, 2017

Shiny Obsidian is an item in the fictional world created by the online gaming website "Neopets". It is widely available and mostly considered a "junk" item with little to no value in the game's currency, Neopoints. Even though it won't make you rich on its own, there are a couple of ways you can put it to use.


Shiny Obsidian was introduced during the 2009 Neopets plot "Atlas of the Ancients." During the plot, a new land was introduced to the Neopets world. The new land, Moltara, features an underground lava cave theme mixed with "steampunk" elements. There are several activities and features available in Moltara, including games, shops and an obsidian quarry.

How to Get It

To get Shiny Obsidian, visit Moltara. Click "Explore" from the main navigation and click on "Moltara" either on the map of Neopia or in the list of Neopian lands below the map. Once you reach Moltara, there is a hidden link at the left side of the map. Look for a pile of black crystal-shaped rocks and click on it to enter the obsidian quarry. When you enter the quarry you will get the following message: "You pick up a chunk of obsidian from the enormous quarry. You don't think the quarry workers will miss it." You will also see a picture of Shiny Obsidian and the message "Shiny Obsidian has been added to your Inventory." You can visit the obsidian quarry once per day to receive one Shiny Obsidian. If you return the same day, an angry Shoyru will yell at you and chase you away.

Tangor's Workshop

The main use of Shiny Obsidian is as a material for building robot petpets at Tangor's Workshop, a shop in Moltara. Take a piece of Shiny Obsidian to Tangor's Workshop along with Scrap Metal and Stone, Miscellaneous Gears and Red Moltite, all of which are other items introduced during the "Atlas of the Ancients" plot. Various combinations of these items result in different robot petpets. Combine one of each petpet to create a wearable toy. While Shiny Obsidian alone has little to no monetary value, the petpets or toys you create may have Neopoint value.

Feed It to Your Neopets

The other way to use Shiny Obsidian is by feeding it to your Skeith or Grarrl Neopets. Most species of Neopets only eat food and medicine items, but the Skeith and Grarrl species can eat virtually any item on the site. Because you can get a free Shiny Obsidian every single day, it's a useful item for keeping your pets fed if you happen to have these species.