How to Color Boggy in Order

By Alex Tannin

Updated September 22, 2017

“The Impossible Quiz” is a web game created by the programmer Slapp-me-do and originally published through Newgrounds in 2007. Although being set up as a serious quiz game, it is in fact a series of trick questions, non sequiturs and other tests of a gamer’s ability to think laterally. Question 19 on the game sees players confronted with a drawing of an alien called “Boggy” on a canvas, a series of paint pots and a question asking them to complete the painting. While seeming difficult at first, coloring in Boggy in order is actually simple.

Load "The Impossible Quiz" game up and play through to question 19.

Click the blue paint can once.

Click the orange paint can once.

Click the green paint can twice.

Click the yellow paint can once. The drawing on the easel should now be completely colored and the word “Masterpiece” appears at the bottom of the screen in green text. Click “Go” to proceed.