How to Get Every Character in "Chaos Faction 2"

By Annabeth Kaine

Updated September 22, 2017

To get all 13 new characters in "Chaos Faction 2," you must complete several challenges. Not every challenge will reward you with a character; however, if you complete all of the challenges, you receive a bonus character. You don't need to complete the challenges in any particular order.

Obtain the white Weebl by completing the challenge Kill It With Fire. Burn another player to a crisp to unlock this achievement.

Use a wind-up punch, fully powered and hit another player to unlock the achievement Kapow! Your reward is the little purple and white character Dad 'n' Me.

Get the character Futility when you recover after going off-screen. To get the achievement Zero Gravity, use "sideswipe" and then "double-jump."

Play a match on a level you create in the level editor to win the character Ragin' Brain. Once you complete making your level and playing your match, you receive the achievement Architect.

Unlock the Tank Man character by finishing 10 separate "death matches." Upon completion, you receive the achievement Veteran along with the character.

Complete any mission challenge to earn the achievement Pacifist. Along with your achievement, you receive the character Salad Fingers.

Take the Plunge is an achievement that yields the character Gorilli. To pass this test, hold the plunger down for 15 seconds consecutively.

Be a Survivor by obtaining a score of at least 10,000 while in survival mode. Receive the character Mechalo upon completing this achievement.

Knock another player into space and earn the achievement Lift Off! The character Bitey is yours after completing this task.

Get the Magic Number achievement when you earn a three-time multi-kill. After completing the achievement, you receive the little yellow character Hominid.

Take your game up a notch and get a four-time multi-kill to get the achievement 4 on the Floor. The character Awesome Face is yours with this achievement.

Get the Fantastic 5 achievement when you earn a five-time multi-kill. The little gray character Madness is unlocked once you complete this achievement.


Complete all of the character achievements along with Chaos Kudos, In the Zone, Zoned Out and Up and Away to earn extra weapons and armor. Finish Immortal, Crate Expectations, Rage Mode And Recycler to earn infinite ammunition and unlock the last character in the game.

Completing all challenges unlocks Vortigon.