How to Block Sprint Family Locator

By Maya Walker

Updated September 28, 2017

Sprint Family Locator is only available on compatible phones such as the HTC EVO.
i Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sprint Family Locator provides the account holder with real-time locations of each person who has a GPS-enabled phone on the account. This means that blocking Sprint Family Locator prevents the account holder from determining your location. You can prevent Sprint Family Locator from showing your location by disabling your phone's GPS feature, so that only emergency services will be able to determine your location. Disable and enable GPS at any time from within the phone's Settings menu.

Press the “Menu” key on your Sprint mobile phone and click “Settings.”

Click “Location.” On some Sprint mobile phones, you may need to click “More” before selecting “Location.”

Read the disclaimer regarding turning off/on the GPS feature on your mobile phone and click “OK.”

Click “Off.” A message confirming that you've disabled the GPS on your phone is displayed.


If you have a Sprint BlackBerry, click “Options” and “Device” to access the GPS settings.