The Best Answers for the GOAT Test in "Fallout 3"

By Philip Sim

Updated September 22, 2017

The Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test, or GOAT, is the way you choose your character's special skills in the 2008 videogame "Fallout 3." Each answer in the quiz equates to one of the game's special skills, and the three skills you choose most frequently in the test will each receive a boost of 15 Skill Points. Decide on the three skills you want and choose your answers accordingly.

"Frenzied Vault Scientist"

Question one involves you being approached by a "frenzied vault scientist." Answering with option one, the complicated scientific answer, gives you a point towards the Science skill. Option two, saying "Up yours too, buddy!" stands for the Speech skill. You get a point for Melee for choosing option three, knocking out the scientist, and option four, running away, counts toward Sneak.

The Infected Foot

Question two asks you about how to treat a patient with an infected foot. Choosing option one, amputating the foot, counts towards Melee. Option two, screaming for help, equates to Speech. You get a Medicine point for choosing option three, medicating the foot, and a Science point for choosing option four, observing how the infection spreads.

The Lost Child

Question three asks what you would do if you find a lost child in possession of stolen property. Answering with option one, "give the boy a hug," equates to choosing the Speech skill. Option two, confiscating the stolen property, equals a point for Unarmed Combat. Answer three, picking the boy's pocket, gives you a point for Sneak. Don't choose answer four, leading the boy to safety then turning him over to the authorities, as it doesn't count towards any Skills at all.


The fourth question on the GOAT test is about baseball positions. If you choose the first one, pitcher, you're choosing the Explosives skill. Choosing number two, catcher, counts as a point for Big Guns. Option three, Designated Hitter, is a choice for Melee, while option four, join the soccer team, counts toward Unarmed Combat.

The Killer Grandma

Question five asks what you would do if your grandmother asked you to kill someone. Option one, to follow her orders, counts towards the Small Guns skill. Option two, bargaining with granny, gives a point for Barter. Option three, asking her for a minigun to do the job properly, counts towards Big Guns. Choosing option four, throwing your tea in granny's face, is a point for Explosives.

The Locked Room

In question six, an elderly vault resident has locked himself in his quarters. If you choose option one, picking his door's lock, this counts towards the Lockpick skill. Blowing the door off, option two, counts towards two skills -- Barter and Explosives. The double points means this is a good option if you want both of these skills. Answer three, lasering the lock off, is a point for Energy Weapons, and leaving the old man in there, option four, counts towards the Repair skill.

Radiation Poisoning

The seventh question asks how you deal with radiation poisoning. Option one, suicide, is a point towards Small Guns. Choosing option two, anti-mutagen agent, counts towards the Medicine skill. Option three, prayer, is a point for Barter, and option four, surgery, is a choice for Energy Weapons.

The Comic Book

Question eight is about getting a comic book from a fellow vault resident. Option one, trading for the comic, counts towards the Barter skill. Choosing option two, robbing the resident at gunpoint, counts for Small Guns. Option three, stealing the comic, counts towards Stealth, and option four, drugging the resident to take the comic while he's unconscious, is a choice for the Medicine skill.

A Prank on Dad

The ninth question is about playing a prank on your father. If you choose to flood his restroom, option one, you are choosing the Repair skill. Choosing option two, putting a firecracker down his toilet, counts towards Explosives. Option three, switching his medications, is a point for Medicine, and meddling with his razor, option four, is a point for Lockpick.


Question 10 is about who you think the most important person in Vault 101 is. All of the answers are the same, "The Overseer," and none of them have any effect on your skills. Choose any one at random, and the GOAT test is complete.