How to Quickly Level Up on Blitzball in "FFX"

By C.J. Burry

Updated September 22, 2017

“Blitzball” is a mini-game in the fantasy role playing game “Final Fantasy X" (FFX"). It is a combination of soccer and football played under water. You can customize your team from non-player characters all over the fictional world of Spira and play matches against other teams to increase your level in the game. However, you can level up faster than normal if you play the Ronso Fangs in matches over and over again. The Ronso Fangs give you the most amount of experience and are the easiest to defeat.

Stand next to any save-sphere in the game.

Click “X” or “A.”

Scroll down to “Blitzball.”

Select “Play Blitzball.”

Select the Ronso Fangs from the list of teams to play against.

Use all your actions to pass, then shoot. The Fangs rely on power and have little agility. Most shots you take will make it into the goal.

Repeat this process as many times as you like to level up quickly.