How to Put a Password on My Wi-Fi Connection

By Jim Campbell

Updated September 28, 2017

Password protecting your Wi-Fi connection disallows any other user from stealing wireless Internet unless he has the password. You set up a Wi-Fi password on your wireless router. Each router has its own administration application, but each one has a general setup and the same type of encryption options. These options provide you with a password-protected setup.

Open a Web browser on a computer connected to the Wi-Fi router. Type the IP address in the navigation text box. Most routers use "" for the default router IP. Type the administrator user name and password into the login screen and press "Enter."

Click the "Wireless Settings" tab in the router's console application. Some routers display "Wireless" as the tab text. The screen displays all of your wireless settings.

Click the option to enable wireless encryption. When you enable encryption, a text box displays asking you for the wireless password. Type the password in the text box.

Click "WPA-2" from the drop-down box labeled "Encryption Type." Click "Save" to save the router settings. The router performs a soft reboot, and the password is now required to access the Wi-Fi service