How to Monitor My Kids With Prepaid Net10 Cell Phones

By Si Kingston

Updated September 28, 2017

Know who your teens are talking to on their Net10 phones.
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Net10, like other prepaid phones, doesn't provide customers with a complete list of their monthly incoming and outgoing calls with their bill summary as contract providers do. This makes it more difficult to keep up with your teens' call activity. Net10 does however allow parents to view their kids call history online, or through the handset itself. The handset only has the most recent call and text activity available, however, and will only keep record of the most recent, for example, 50 calls. Online, you can view call history by month.


Go to Net10's website and click the "Register" link.

Enter your full name, zip code, email, the Net10 phone's serial number and phone number in the corresponding fields. The Net10 serial number, also known as the ESN or IMEI, is either 11, 15 or 18 digits long and can be found in the Net10 handset's "Prepaid Menu."

Click "Add More Phones" to add any additional handsets.

Click the "Submit" button to create the Net10 account. Then log into your email address and click on the Net10 email confirmation.

Go back to the Net10 website and log in. Select "Account Activity" to view call and text history. You can't view the actual text messages online, but only the number the text came from or was sent to.

On the Phone

Turn on the Net10 prepaid handset.

Select "Recent Calls," "Call," or "Text" from the main menu. This menu options vary slightly per handset.

Choose "All Calls," "Incoming Calls," "Outgoing Calls" or "Missed Calls." Some phones will have one option, "Call History" to view the most recent incoming and outgoing calls.

Go back to the main menu and select "Messages" or the message icon. Scroll through to view text messages.