How to Get Into Painless Dental in BioShock

By Matthew Anderson

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Incinerate plasmid

  • Electro Bolt plasmid (optional)

Painless Dental is one of the three dental offices located in the Medical Pavilion in “Bioshock.” The Speedy Hacker tonic and “Plasmids are the Paint” audio diary are found here. The door to Painless Dental is locked, which can cause some trouble if you're trying to enter this area. There's no way to unlock this door, but you can enter the office via another route.

Walk through the Foyer, your starting point in the Medical Pavilion. There are no side areas until you reach the Pavilion area.

Walk down the stairs in front of the tunnel that leads to the surgery wing.

Melt the ice blocking your path with the Incinerate plasmid.

Turn right to reach Painless Dental. This is where the shotgun is located. Picking up the shotgun causes a group of splicers to attack. Deal with them.

Walk past the door to reach the Painless Dental window. There is a turret inside the office that can be seen through the window.

Equip the Electro Bolt plasmid. This is optional, but it makes dealing with the turret significantly easier.

Smash the window with a wrench. The turret can fire at you once the window is smashed. Attack the turret with the Electro Bolt plasmid to stun it.

Jump through the smashed window to enter the Painless Dental office.


Hack the turret once you're in the office. This is a useful turret to have under your control because it is in a good position to kill any splicers that wander past the window. A splicer attacks you the first time you approach the desk in the operating room of Painless Dental. Splicers randomly respawn throughout the Medical Pavilion. Even if you cleared out the area near Painless Dental earlier, there could still be splicers roaming outside Painless Dental.