How to Install Plugins to Project 64

by Timothy Baron ; Updated September 22, 2017

"Project 64" is an emulator for the Nintendo 64. It allows gamers to play N64 games on their computer. The program features high-rates of compatibility with the classic console games, though it doesn't support all games. Players can install an array of third-party plugins to improve compatibility and performance. Some plugins increase the rendering resolution, producing a crisper image. Others add features such as high-quality interpolated sound. Installing a plugin is as simple as putting it in the plugin directory and selecting it from the "Project 64" system menu.

Download a "Project 64" plugin. The official forums have a thread listing all "Project 64" plugins and their links.

Unzip the plugin. If you do not have an unzipping program, download and install one. "7-Zip" is entirely free, and the similar program "WinRar" has a one-month trial.

Open "My Computer" and navigate to your "Project 64" directory. By default, it's "C:/Program Files/Project 64." Open the "Plugins" sub-directory.

Drag and drop the plugin files into the plugin directory. The files end with ".dll."

Open "Project 64." Click "Options," "Settings" and "Plugins." Select the plugin you want to install.