How to Put Pokemon Into a Graphing Calculator

by Michael JonesUpdated September 22, 2017
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Items you will need

  • TI-83 or newer version calculator

  • TI Connect

  • Mirage OS

  • Pokemon

  • USB cable

Most students in America are required to buy a graphing calculator by the time they reach high school, and if they choose to continue learning math, they will probably need the calculator in college and later on in life. The calculator that is required in American schools is manufactured by Texas Instruments, and they have a few different calculator models available. One perk about these calculators is that users can install basic video games on them. As long as you have the proper software and equipment for your graphing calculator, installing a Pokemon game onto the calculator will be pretty easy.

Download the TI Connect software to your computer. The software may have come already installed on your calculator, but you can download it from the link in the Resources section.

Turn your calculator off and connect it to your computer with the USB cable that came with your calculator. Once you connect it to the computer, the TI Connect software will launch.

Download Mirage OS to your computer. This Flash application allows your calculator to run video games, and you can download it from the link in the Resources section.

Open your Mirage OS folder and find the file that says "TI Connect Application." Right-click on this file and select "Send to TI Device."

Select the "Archive" option in the transfer dialog box, and then click "Send to Device."

Right-click on your Pokemon video game file and select "Send to TI Device." The Pokemon game you choose to put on your calculator has to be compatible with your specific model in order for it to work. If you don't have a Pokemon game, you can find one by following the link in the Resources section.

Select the "Archive" option in the transfer dialog box, and then click "Send to Device."

Click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in your computer's System Tray.

Select your TI device from the list of devices, and then click "Remove."

Disconnect your calculator from your computer once you're prompted to do so.

Turn your calculator on and press the "Apps" key. Under the "Apps" menu, scroll down and select "Mirage OS." Press the "Enter" key to enter the application.

Select the "Main" folder and press the "Enter" key. You will now see your subfolders listed. Your Pokemon video game will be listed as a subfolder.

Select your Pokemon folder and press the "Enter" key. Your Pokemon game will launch.


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