How to Turn off the Privacy Mode on "Roblox"

By Leah Waldron-Gross

Updated September 22, 2017

"ROBLOX" is an online virtual gaming world with more than 5 million international players. Designed for players ages 8-18, ROBLOX combines social media with user-generated online real-estate design, game creation and e-commerce. Players compete in games and contests for ROBUX currency and tickets which can be used to buy avatar items or virtual building materials. Members under age 13 automatically start in a privacy play mode that prohibits chatting, editing and forum discussion. Once the member reaches 13 or provides parental permission, he can opt out of privacy mode.

Sign into your account in the member login area of the home page, or register for a ROBLOX account. Only ROBLOX members can opt out of private play mode. All non-registered users play in guest mode, which prohibits point accumulation and messaging.

Click on the "Manage Account" link on your profile page.

Select "Privacy Settings."

Switch your member account to "Menu Chat Play" to opt out of privacy play mode. If you are under 13, you must select the "Verify Parent Email Address" link and enter your parent's email address in the text box. Once your parent confirms your member information and approves your privacy opt-out via email, you will be able to switch into menu chat play.


In privacy mode, the member may not post on any of the online chat forums, read or send personal messages, edit any free-text fields, or free chat. To participate in the forums and send messages, you must opt out of privacy play mode into menu chat mode.

If you are 13 or older at the time of registration, your account will begin in menu chat mode. You have the option to opt back into private mode if you choose.


Parental rights trump your ROBLOX account privileges, even if you have turned off privacy play mode. A parent can set or edit controls to your account at any time, so the only way to reverse these changes is to go through your parent. Once you opt into menu chat mode, be careful with any personal information you provide in your forum posts and on-site messages. ROBLOX filters any information mentioning the member's age, address or phone number.