How to Play the Game "Disney Princess: Spinning Wishes"

By Tallulah Philange

Updated September 22, 2017

The "Disney Princess Spinning Wishes" board game is all about the search for a happy ever after. Disney stars Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle must travel across the game board and collect wishes. The first player to collect all of her wishes, and an additional birthday present, wins the game. "Spinning Wishes" is designed for two to four players, ages 4 and older.


Position the game board over the "wishing wheel" base and wheel itself over the board on top of the game board. Press the wishing wheel into the base.

Put your chosen princess at her gate on the board, and position yourself at that spot around the game board. Take the three "wish holders" that belong to your character.

Place the four birthday present tokens with the picture down and mix them up. Slide them to the four castle tower spaces. Use all four regardless of the number of players.

Put the 24 wish tokens in the box top. Pass the box around and have each player take a token until all players have three. Place the tokens in the wish holders and snap the wish holders, label out, into the wishing wheel. You will have empty spaces if there are less than four players. Have each player roll the die, with the highest roll going first.

Game Play

Roll the die and move your princess in either direction that number of spaces. Move to the next available space if a princess is on that spot.

Spin the wishing wheel if you land on a wish space. Take any of the wishes from the wheel that land in any part of your "ray of enchanted light" -- the path of color extending from your princess' gate. You may only have three wishes at a time. If you have three wishes already and land on a wish space, you must either take no action or trade any of your current wishes for the wishes that landed in your ray of enchanted light.

Trade a wish with another princess if you land on a trade space, or announce that you do not want to trade. The other princess must participate if you decide to trade, with a few exceptions. If you have no wishes to trade or if you have already collected all three of your wishes, another player cannot force you to trade. If no trade is available, end your turn.

Take another turn if you land on a the "roll again" space. Hand over the die to the next player if you land on a blank space. Skip your next turn if you land on "miss a turn."

Collect all three wishes and move in either direction toward your castle gate. Move through the gate, which counts as a space, and move in either direction toward a castle tower.

Flip over the birthday present token when you've moved into one of the three spaces surrounding the castle tower. Keep the picture secret.

Show the birthday token only if it matches your princess. If it matches, you win. Otherwise, keep moving to different castle towers to find your birthday present.


Do not bend or scratch the birthday tokens. Players will be able to tell which token belongs to which princess, which could ruin future games.