A List of Places to Rob Cash Registers in "Grand Theft Auto IV"

By Mark S. Baker

Updated September 22, 2017

In 2008, Rockstar Games released “Grand Theft Auto IV” for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC. As with all the “Grand Theft Auto” games, there are numerous missions and tasks to be completed in this game. One of the new additions in "GTA IV" is the ability to rob cash registers in various Liberty City stores. There are 15 store locations that can be held up in Liberty City.

Internet Cafes

Seven cash registers that can be robbed are in TW@ Internet cafes. Two of these cafes are in Alderney: one is between Edison Avenue and Farnsworth Road, and the other is off of Boyden Avenue. Two are in uptown Algonquin; one is between Wardite Street and Xenotime Street, and the other is between Vauxite Street and Wardite Street. Another cafe is at the corner of Albany Avenue and Pyrite Street in midtown Algonquin. There's a cafe in Broker, between Cisco Street and Chive Street, and there's also one on Happiness Island.


There are four laundromats that can be robbed as well. One is in Alderney, on Hubbard Avenue. Another is in Bohan, on San Quentin Avenue. There's another one in Dukes, on Harrison Street, and there is a laundromat in Broker, between Masterson Street and Tulsa Street.

Clothing Stores

There are four clothing stores that have cash registers that you can rob. The Russian Shop on Mohawk Avenue in Broker has one. Modo, at the corner of Exeter Avenue and Vauxite Street in uptown Algonquin, has another. Both Perseus locations -- one at the corner of Amethyst Street and Bismarck Avenue in downtown Algonquin, and the other at the corner of Bismarck Avenue and Pyrite Street in midtown Algonquin -- have cash registers that can be robbed.

Committing the Robbery

Once you get to a store, park your vehicle close by. You'll need to make a fast getaway, as your wanted level will rise when you exit the store. Upon entering, repeatedly target the store’s cash register. The method depends on the version of the game you have: press "L1" if you're playing on a PS3, “X” if you're playing on an Xbox 360 or the ”E” key on a PC. When the money appears, grab it, leave the store and race to your safe house.