How to Make "Team Fortress 2" Run Faster

By C.K. Adams

Updated September 22, 2017

Valve created "Team Fortress 2" as a first-person shooter with all kinds of weapons and classes to appeal to a wide player base. From pyros to rocket-launching soldiers, the game offers an endless number of weapon and character combinations. Valve operates "Team Fortress 2" on servers, which carry a heavy load with so many players connecting to one game. If lag is a constant issue for you, then changing your settings might help the game run faster.

Close any other programs, windows and Internet browsers you have open before starting "Team Fortress 2." Other computer activity takes up precious memory and bandwidth that you want to reserve for gameplay.

Open "Team Fortress 2" by double-clicking the game's desktop icon.

Click "Options" on the bottom right corner. Click the "Video" tab.

Lower your screen resolution from its maximum setting. For example, if you have a 1280-by-800-resolution screen, set the resolution to 1024 by 640 or lower.

Click "Advanced..." to pull up another menu within the "Video" tab.

Set "Model Detail," "Texture Detail," "Shader Detail" and "Shadow Detail" to "Low." These settings affect only the aesthetics of the game. You do not need shadows, for instance, to shoot another player or grab the intelligence.

Set "Water Detail" to "Simple Reflections," which is the lowest setting and necessary to take away the scripts that make the water continuously wave in the game. You save some memory and bandwidth by using simple reflections instead of highly detailed.

Turn off "Anti-Aliasing Mode" by selecting "None" from the menu. Anti-aliasing smooths the game's frames and lines. Without it, the game's appearance becomes slightly rigid but not enough to hinder gameplay, and you save your Internet from streaming high-quality textures.

Set the "Filtering Mode" to bilinear and set "Motion Blur" to "Disabled." Both of these settings contribute to lag, particularly if you have a lot of players on one server.

Click "OK" to save these settings.


Ask family or roommates to give you an hour or two of solo Internet usage. If other people connect to the Internet on your wireless network, you share bandwidth and lose speed.

Besides changing settings, a faster Internet connection always helps speed up an online game.

Add more RAM (random access memory) to your computer if possible. Check your computer's documentation to see if your model allows RAM modifications. Adding another gigabyte of RAM gives you more memory to stream games.

If all else fails, upgrading your PC helps gameplay tremendously.